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In the world of modern business, employees have a lot of freedom. They all have separate work stations, they need Internet access to do their jobs, and they have a great deal of work to accomplish. But if your employees legitimately need social media to do their jobs, how do you ensure that they’re working, not playing Candy Crush?

If you have sensitive material on your servers, how can you be sure that it’s being used properly? How can you make sure your employees can access the sites you need, while keeping others from being accessed?

Employee management and monitoring software is one solution. Employee monitoring software does exactly what it sounds like; it keeps track of what’s happening on business computers. Different solutions have different strengths and weaknesses, but in general, the software reports on activities, restricts items that are not work appropriate, and monitoring what is done on computers to flag concerning activities.

Employee management is complex without right staff and robust business tools. These six options are exceptional possibilities in the world of employee monitoring.

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a great employee management solution which has the ability to boost your team’s productivity by as much as 22%. It gives you reports on how much time your team is spending on a given project, the ability to check on their apps and sites in use in real time, and look for efficiency issues that need to be addressed. Time Doctor is particularly useful for remote team members, where team leads don’t have the ability to wander by their desk and see what is being worked on.

One great feature of Time Doctor is the ability to gently prod your employees when they’ve wandered off task. Let’s face it; we don’t always realize how long we’ve been on Facebook. A quick reminder that it’s time to get back to their project can be very effective.

Time Doctor offers a free trial for new users.

2. Teramind

Teramind includes many of the features that are considered standard for employee management software; its most impressive feature might be its ability to determine which employee behaviors make them likely to be risks to the business at large. This is especially beneficial if your company handles sensitive data, either in terms of customer information or in terms of IP. You can restrict activities based on a number of rules, such as printing out certain documents or stopping particular emails from being sent.

Teramind also includes a free cloud based trial; interested parties can also book a demonstration with the software.

3. Staff.com

So much of business policies is based on guess work that is kindly dressed up as “common sense.” Companies that want to make policies driven by actual data can find Staff.com exceptionally helpful. Staff lets businesses monitor employee activity in usual ways, but also offers incredibly detailed reports. Wondering if your high performing team does something differently from lower performing teams? Now you can find out. Wondering how long teams spend on different pieces of software to make sure your money is being spent in the right areas? This will help you do so.

Software offers a free trial.

4. Veriato

If you need a high powered employee monitoring solution that lets you see into the nitty gritty of what your high risk employees are doing, Veriato may be the right software for your business. Along with a great deal of control as to what employees can and cannot do, Veriato also offers significant control over what data you collect. Employees are more receptive to monitoring when they do not feel spied upon; collecting only data that is demonstrably necessary can ease employee concerns.

The software offers either an online test drive or a free 15 day subscription.

5. OSMonitor

OSMonitor is a lightweight employee monitoring solution that does just that. There are two versions, Basic and Full. Basic primarily controls website activities and a few details of computer function. Full does this, and also offers logging possibilities for emails, chats, screencaps, and more. If you need some simple internet controls without a huge amount of data about what your employees are doing, OSMonitor may be perfect for your business.

6. SentryPC

SentryPC offers basic monitoring functions along with Time Management features. This may be useful for those using monitoring software in a school or home environment, but if you have employees who should not be accessing computers during specific times, this may be a useful feature. The software is priced according to the number of licenses that are needed, with one, fifty, and one hundred being the typical benchmark numbers.

Employee monitoring software can free managers up from walking around cubicles peeking over shoulders, and it can also give team leaders insight into what remote employees are doing. Boost your productivity with employee monitoring software.

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