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Another sad day for humanity.

We are part of a group of volunteers who belong to the Tabor Mountain Recreation Society, a non-profit society which maintains and improves the back country trail system on Tabor Mountain. During the last five years, we have built five new shelters along our trail system as well as many bridges and culverts. We are volunteers and do this because we like the outdoors and want to improve our trails for others to enjoy.

Last Sunday, the 24th, we cut and hauled (after purchasing) about $1,500 of building material for a new shelter and bridge up the Tower road on the east side of Tabor Lake to one of our trailheads. This material was unloaded and stashed out of sight and not visible from the road.

Imagine our surprise today when we arrived to move the material further up the trail to where we wanted to build the shelter – it was gone.

Someone had come along in the two days that it was there and loaded it into their trucks and taken it away.

Among the material stolen was four pieces of rough cut timber 4″x6″x16′ long, pretty hard to hide. As well, there were four concrete post blocks, 16 pieces of treated 2×8 lumber, cut to 75″ long, and some 2×6 , 2×4, 1×4, and other assorted pieces.

We purchase this material through member donations and small grants – we cannot afford the money to replace it. If you have seen anything suspicious in your neighborhood, please call the RCMP. We have reported this and have an open file.

Norm Clark, Jim Weed

Tabor Mountain Recreation Society

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