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A new report created by Arup Group shows how food waste can turn into construction materials

When one thinks of food waste, they tend to think of it ending up as compost to help other foods thrive by providing them with nutrients through decomposition. Well, the Arup Group is turning this idea on its head, by creating the Urban Bio-Loop that details how food waste can actually be used as a building material.

The report details the transformation of food waste into a low-cost and environmentally-friendly resource to use construction work and creative projects. These unique changes were provided for architects and designers to find a way to introduce food waste to the construction process. The authors see food waste as an untapped resource due to many nations having an abundance of it, such as the United States that wastes upwards of 40 percent of all their food. With food waste serving as a building material, it would make objects like cement block easier to discard as they could later convert into compost.

Anyone interested in the full report may download it from the Arup Group’s website where they have published it for free,

Urban Bio-Loop

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