In Canada invented a building material resistant to earthquakes – Gears Of Biz

In the canadian University of British Columbia (UBC) has developed a concrete, earthquake resistant.

Sprayed on an already erected wall he reportedly allows them to withstand significant fluctuations.

Known as eco-plastic cementitious composites (EDCC), the concrete contains fiber on a polymer basis. They give concrete plasticity, thanks to him, he bends under pressure, but not destroyed, as the traditional concrete.

In addition, almost 70 percent of the cement in the material is replaced with by-products produced as a filler. This makes it environmentally friendly, as the manufacture of cement is one of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

In laboratory tests on walls made of traditional concrete blocks were coated with a layer thickness of 10 mm, which is then subjected to conditions simulating an earthquake of magnitude of 9.0 and 9.1, and treated walls withstood a load as opposed to the standard blocks.

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